Moons of Celoros

~ 54321 ~

A 5 episode Sci-Fi/Fantasy mini series. Each episode shorter than the last. That takes you along an exciting journey with a group of adventures from across the Moons of Celoros to recover a forgotten artifact.

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Wakeform Entertainment

Wakeform Entertainment is a new animation company founded by Luke Coleman and Isaiah Ledgister. We want to make exciting and impactful stories with a focus on the craft of animation. We are excited to explore new media and experiment with how we can tell stories.

We believe that animation is fundementally a collaborative medium. That to make animation better as an industry we have to get better at using the talent that exists at every level. That with the right structures and support a small team can create something really special.

If you are an animation artist, animator, layout, background painter, voice actor, sound designer. Drop us an email, or send us a message on social.

We are eager to work with other artists.